Terminal Block 78A Inline IDC Coupler PhoneJunction Box

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Our Terminal Block 78A Couplers provide an effective means of eliminating connection problems that may be encountered during voice installations (for example cable cut too short). It is also used when it becomes necessary to extend a cable run to a new location.

With this product, two four-pair cables can be joined together without compromising the integrity of the system.

The Termination Block 78A contains four-way IDC blocks, and is intended for use with standard four-pair CW1308 cable, commonly used for internal telephone wiring

A datasheet for this product can be found here

Comlynx Termination Blocks are designed to provide a reliable means of connecting telephony cables together. 

These products are also suitable for use with a wide range of stranded and solid cables, and in a variety of other low voltage, internal, non-telecom related applications.

Comlynx Termination Blocks are fitted with smaller, low-profile IDC connectors to maximise the internal space available for cable management. They are also supplied with cables ties, and appropriate cable tie fixing points

The Termination Block is physically small enough to fit inside trunking in most cases, for a neat appearance.

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