Voice / Voice Switchable Configuration Network Line Splitter

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Do you need to obtain more telephone points for your office network, but don't need the inconvenience or expense of calling in an engineer? If so, we may have the answer for you. Our Voice Line Economiser product will allow a single RJ45 wall outlet to connect to two independent telephone lines working simultaneously and having different telephone numbers, as long as you have spare patch panel ports and the necessary PABX or external lines.

Our Economiser Sets are used to free-up existing horizontal cabling runs in Cat 5e and Cat 6 structured cabling installations. By following the simple instructions enclosed with each Economiser, users can obtain “new” network connections in seconds and at very low cost.

The new network connections work entirely independently and can be used  simultaneously.

A datasheet for this product can be found here

Each economiser comprises a “Combiner Unit” that is plugged into a patch panel port, and a “Splitter Unit” that is inserted into a wall/floorbox data outlet. This will enable two devices (eg computers, telephones etc) to share a single cable.

The Voice Splitter allows two voice circuits to share a single wiring run, and has the advantage that by making use of patented “Switchable”™ technology, the Line Adaptor Unit function is built into the Economiser.

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